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"Les parfums, les couleurs et les sons se répondent."

Charles Baudelaire

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The sensible union between art and perfume is the true expertise of the brand Les Fleurs de l’Art. 

Perfumes inspired by works of art. 

Art is at the heart of our activity and guide all the creations. This way, each perfume translates the colors and sensibility of an art work. 

Connected to emotions and memory, the perfumes Les Fleurs de l’Art are a tribute to Great Masters. 

By offering the best in the French craftsmanship, Les Fleurs de l’Art is committed to champion French know how and preserve the environment. 

Fragrance from Grasse – 100% made in France

Notre Collection
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The perfumes

" The inspiration for a perfumer is limitless.  In the same way as for a painter, his art consists in translating an emotion, a landscape, a moment, a colour, a texture. The technique is at the service of emotion."

Yohan Cervi, Maelstrom Creative Director

Parfum La danseuse d'Egar Degas
Parfum La fleur de Claude Monet
Parfum Le pont de Claude Monet

You can find the perfume La danseuse d'Edgar at the Opéra de Paris this summer

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FACE pont de claude face.png

Claude Monet - The Japanese Bridge
Oil on canvas, 100x200 cm

Paris, Musée Marmottan

La danseuse d'Edgar.jpg

Edgar Degas - L'Etoile

Oil on canvas 58,4x42,0 cm

Paris, Musée d'Orsay

FACE fleur de claude- 2.png

Claude Monet - Water Lilies 

Oil on canvas, 150x197 cm

Paris, Musée Marmottan

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