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La danseuse d'Edgar Degas Parfum

This fragrance pays homage to the painting of L’Etoile by Edgar Degas. This creation is the result of a creative discussion between perfumers, historians and artists. La danseuse d’Edgar celebrates dance, voluptuousness, the powdery atmosphere of a 19th century boudoir. A bold ballerina, suggested by the exquisite of a fresh raspberry and a romantic violet accord enhanced by the very contemporary note of candied plum, evoking the warm tones of orange ocher in the upper part of the painting.


“A composition that is both virginal and carnal. To olfactively translate the bustling universe of the Belle Époque, I imagine a large bouquet, theatrical and generous, with roses, violets and heliotrope, like an evocation of makeup and lipsticks of yesteryear. As a signature, woody and honeyed notes recall the floors of dance halls and rosin, this powder with a characteristic perfume with which dancers coat their slippers. » Marie Schnirer, Maelstrom Perfumer

Eau de Parfum - 1.7 FL.OZ


Mirabelle plum, peony, violet flower, raspberry, cedar, sandalwood